Product Releases

Product Releases

See our newest feature releases and enhancements to Hyperview.

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Last Update 05/31/2023
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V2.x Product Releases
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V2.6 Product Release - Jul 27, 2021

A few more product improvements to Locations, Rack PDU layouts, and the Data Collector.

V2.5 Product Release - Jul 14, 2021

This software release includes new widgets for locations, power, and data center racks. Plus, an overhauled license page and a few other product improvements.

V2.4 Product Release - Jun 17, 2021

This product release includes the addition of sensor data to License management, blade bay location within a Blade Enclosure, and an improved Password reset journey.

V2.3 Product Release - May 20, 2021

This version includes enhancements to Nested Assets, Asset Grid, Documents, Rack Asset by Type Grid, and Sensor Graphs.

V2.2 Product Release - Apr 28, 2021

We have added support for document management, manual sensors, alerts for stale and outdated Data Collectors, and more.

V2.1 Product Release - Mar 16, 2021

New Power Path view enhancements including:
1- Asset details
2 - Sensors
3 - Breaker schedules
4- Ability to navigate from Power Path view