Are Enlogic Gen1 and Gen2 RPDUs supported?

What generations of Enlogic Rack PDUs are supported in Hyperview?

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Jamie Conner
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Model Support:

All Enlogic Rack PDU generations are supported to create and add in Hyperview. If you identify a model that needs to be added to the catalog, please contact Hyperview support to have that added.

Discovery Support:

Not all Enlogic Rack PDUs are supported via Hyperview discovery. Recent changes to the SNMP MIB by the manufacturer altered how Hyperview is capable of identifying different generations of Enlogic Rack PDU. Generation 2 RPDUs can be discovered, but Generation 1 cannot at this time. Newer firmware versions may improve this matter in the future.

What is capable of being discovered from Gen2?

  • Name

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • Firmware Version

  • Outlet Count

  • Phase Count

  • Rated Voltage

  • Rated Current

  • Output Total Power

  • Output Total VA

  • Phase Output Power

  • Phase Output VA

  • Phase Output Voltage

  • Outlet Status

  • Outlet Power

  • Lock Sensor Status

  • Environmental Sensors