Product Releases

Product Releases

See our newest feature releases and enhancements to Hyperview.

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V3.x Product Releases
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v3.11 Product Release - Feb 28, 2023

In this product update, we’ve introduced a new feature called Outlet Control that lets you power on, off, and cycle your rack PDUs remotely through the platform. We’ve also introduced a new persistent Search Bar and a Sensor Dashboard. Plus, we’ve made significant enhancements to the ServiceNow CMDB Sync integration, Catalog, Rack Security, and Heatmaps.

V3.7 Product Release - Aug 30, 2022

We're kicking off September with a new feature called Work Notes that lets you collaborate with other users on a single asset. Plus, we've made further enhancements to the License page, Firmware Management, the Linux version Data Collector, and AssetTracker RFID.

V3.6 Product Release - July 26, 2022

ServiceNow CMDB integration is now available! As well, we continue to roll out enhancements to Firmware Management and 3D view. Now you can view, search and report on the current firmware version for all your assets, both Managed and Unmanaged. In 3D view, you can quickly hone in on a specific set of racks or assets using Focus Mode. Plus, Hyperview now generates a multi-level Heat Map for more nuanced temperature ranges.

V3.5 Product Release - May 12, 2022

3D data center visualization has finally arrived! Toggle between 2D and 3D views without experiencing any slowdown or rendering issues. Try out the new dashboard widget for Asset Summary. Plus, experience the significant enhancements to Rack Elevation and Advanced Search.

V2.x Product Releases
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V2.6 Product Release - Jul 27, 2021

A few more product improvements to Locations, Rack PDU layouts, and the Data Collector.

V2.5 Product Release - Jul 14, 2021

This software release includes new widgets for locations, power, and data center racks. Plus, an overhauled license page and a few other product improvements.

V2.4 Product Release - Jun 17, 2021

This product release includes the addition of sensor data to License management, blade bay location within a Blade Enclosure, and an improved Password reset journey.

V2.3 Product Release - May 20, 2021

This version includes enhancements to Nested Assets, Asset Grid, Documents, Rack Asset by Type Grid, and Sensor Graphs.

V1.x Product Releases
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V1.0 Product Release - May 28, 2020

A step-by-step demonstration of features and functions within Hyperview's cloud-based IT infrastructure management platform.

V1.5 Product Release - Dec 22, 2020

1- BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP definitions to monitor sensors
2- Set up User Groups and enforce external logins in User Management
3- Add groups to Access Policies

V1.4 Product Release - Nov 27, 2020

1- Advanced Search
2- Sensor Thresholds Management
3- Blade Devices Management

V1.3 Product Release - Oct 21, 2020

1- Advanced Search
2- Power aggregations and PUE
3- Bulk Delete Action: Delete
4- Senor polling intervals
5- Layout enhancements